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Becca Baughman, Master’s Level Intern

Becca Baughman, Master’s Level Intern

Becca Baughman is a Master’s-Level Intern completing her degree in Clinical Mental Health at the University of North Texas. Using a holistic and humanistic approach, she believes her role as counselor is to help clients tap into their innate ability to grow and heal in order to connect to a life more deeply grounded in meaning and purpose. Her counseling style is collaborative and empowering, with a focus on cultivating a therapeutic environment that invites authenticity, embodiment, trust, insight, creativity, and humor. Becca works with couples and adult clients in navigating areas such as relationship concerns, anxiety, depression, existential questions, self-worth, life transitions, identity struggles, and trauma. She also loves helping individuals integrate spiritual and transpersonal experiences. Becca’s approach is feminist, multicultural, and body-positive and she welcomes clients from all gender, sexual, and cultural identities. 

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