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Policies & Consent

Policies & Consent

General Office Policies


We require 48 hour notice for all cancellations. Cancellations are recognized through a phone call or by responding to your text reminder. If you need to cancel your appointment within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment, a cancellation fee will be applied. Want to set up your text reminders? Call our office so an Administrator may help assist you!

Recurring appointments

We encourage all of our clients to set up recurring appointments with their therapists in order to ensure they are able to consistently attend sessions. Recurring appointments are scheduled in 2-3 month increments and allow our clients to see their therapist at the same day and time on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. If you have to cancel more than 2-3 recurring appointments in a row, all scheduled appointments may be revisited, cancelled, or rescheduled at the discretion of your therapist. 


We are currently following local, state and CDC guidelines to keep our office safe and open. Telehealth appointments are available for all clients. If you prefer In-Person, please contact the office, as availability is dependent upon your therapist. 

  • In-Person appointments: Unless you are 10 or under, all clients are required to wear a mask inside of our offices during session. You will also be required to complete a COVID questionnaire to confirm that you have not been exposed or have been at risk of exposure in the last 14 days before your appointment. Lastly, our waiting rooms are closed, so we require that all clients wait in their car until their therapist comes out to get them.
  • Telehealth appointments: We utilize a video conferencing platform through a software called Telehealth. Clients can access their Telehealth sessions by logging into their Simple Practice Portal account or by clicking on the link that is sent in their Reminder 72 hours before each scheduled appointment. 

Policies for Minors

For clients under the age of 18, we require both parents to consent to treatment at Greer & Associates, PLLC prior to scheduling. We understand that some families have circumstances that may create difficulty or complexity in order to meet this requirement and we are more than happy to answer your questions upon your phone call. We aim to make the intake process as easy and simple as possible for our clients. 

  • Required Documentation prior to scheduling:
    • IDs for both Parent(s)/Guardian(s)
    • Intake Paperwork must be filled out by both Parent(s)/Guardian(s)
    • Divorce Decree or Custody Paperwork (if applicable) 
    • Insurance Card Front & Back (if applicable)
  • Next Steps:
    • Call our office to schedule your Parent Consultation and first session for the client.
      • Parent Consultations are required for all minors. This will take up the amount of a full session (45-50 min) and will be billed the same method as the rest of your child’s subsequent sessions.

Please note: for In-Person sessions, parents are required to stay on office premises unless your child is the age of 16 or older.

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