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Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

Life is full of challenges and struggles at any turn. As adults, we carry a lot of responsibilities on our shoulders and maintaining balance can become overwhelming, maybe even unsurmountable. There are times we may need a non-judgmental ear to just listen, and others we could use an expert opinion to get us through a particularly rough patch. Here at Greer & Associates, we pride ourselves on tailoring our services to each individual client and providing an undiscriminating environment for you to process your thoughts and emotions. Whatever your goals are for counseling, we will meet you at the start. No matter how overwhelming you may feel, you are not alone. In individual counseling you will learn effective coping skills and tools to help you help yourself.

Young Adult

Young Adulthood can include a variety of experiences and transitions that can be stressful, anxiety-provoking, or difficult. Greer & Associates offers several different counseling approaches and techniques in individual counseling designed to help this transition and experience for young adults as well as create space to gain insight, healing, and understanding of young and emerging adulthood. Some of the many techniques utilized in individual counseling come from Cognitive-Behavioral, Emotion-Focused, Dialectical-Behavioral, and Person-Centered theories. 


Is anxiety taking over your life? Does it feel like you can’t control it no matter how hard you try? Have you already tried therapy but found it ineffective?

Anxiety looks different to each person, but it can easily consume our lives. Unsurprisingly, this is one of the biggest struggles clients seek counseling for the most. By digging to the root of your anxiety, we will help you take back control of your life. Learning how to identify triggers will allow you to challenge anxiety-inducing thoughts. Additionally, mindfulness techniques and physiological coping strategies will help you attack your anxiety at the root. Here at Greer & Associates, we strive to not just treat your symptoms, but help you fight the problem too.


“My mental health problems are real and they are valid. I will not judge myself for the bad days when I can barely get out of bed. I will not make myself feel worse because someone else appears to be handling their mental illness better than I am handling mine. Recovery is not a competition.” —Matt Joseph Diaz

Depression can be all-consuming. You may not want to get out of bed some days. Other days you may see the fog lift slightly, but then it settles back in the next morning. The key to battling depression is through learning how to proactively identify and challenge thought patterns that trigger it. If you are reading this and it sounds like you, know that we are glad you are here. Whenever you are ready, Greer & Associates can provide you with a safe and gentle support team. We can help you fight depression, together.


Aware, affirming & affordable therapy for LGBTQIA+ individuals and families. 

Do you live outside of the heteronormative-cisgender box and could you use a safe space to process your feelings and assess your goals? Or maybe you’re seeking relationship counseling from someone who understands (or seeks to understand) where you, specifically, are coming from.

If you can relate to any of the above, then you’ve come to the right place. No judgements. No biases. Just a strong support system with open ears. 

At Greer & Associates, our staff is LGBTQIA+ allied and we always strive to help clients of all genders, sexual identities and expressions feel not only safe, but truly respected. Our LGBTQIA+ affirming counselors offer resources for the wider DFW community in commitment to help out clients find roots, strengthen relationships and build resilience.

Grief & Loss

Grief is a difficult and painful process, even in the best of circumstances. Oftentimes, we need a space to process grief and the emotions it brings up on our own timeline, at our own pace, and in our own way. Grief can manifest itself in a variety of ways and bring up several different kinds of emotions and reactions. Through this, grief and bereavement counseling have shown to be effective in facilitating the healing process. Our therapists at Greer & Associates strive to provide the space needed to work through grief in the best way for each client on an individual level. Because every grieving experience is different, the therapeutic intervention needed for each person will be unique to you.


Trauma can manifest itself in a variety of ways and may emerge from different experiences, whether it’s a car accident, abuse or neglect, the sudden death of a loved one, a violent criminal act, exposure to the violence of war, or even a natural disaster.

When one experiences trauma, it is often difficult to process and overcome alone and may result in a variety of mental health symptoms and struggles, including deep emotional pain, fear, confusion, or post traumatic stress far after the event has passed.

At Greer & Associates, we first help to identify the trauma a client has experienced through talk therapy, then employ a variety of techniques, including Cognitive Processing Theory, Person Centered Theory, and EMDR, to begin the process of reducing mental health symptoms associated with trauma.  

Trauma Symptoms

According to the four types of symptoms listed in the DSM-5

  • Avoidance Symptoms
    • Avoiding specific locations, sights, situations, and sounds that serve as reminders of the event
    • Anxiety, depression, numbness, or guilt
  • Re-experiencing Symptoms
    • Intrusive thoughts, nightmares or flashbacks
  • Hyper-arousal Symptoms
    • Anger, irritability and hyper-vigilance
    • Aggressive, reckless behavior, including self-harm
    • Sleep disturbances
  • Negative Mood and Cognition Symptoms
    • Loss of interest in activities that were once considered enjoyable
    • Difficulty remembering details of the distressing event
    • Change in habits or behavior since the trauma

In these circumstances, the support, guidance and assistance of a therapist is fundamental to healing from trauma. Call our office today to see how we can help.

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